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What is Caveman Training?
Caveman training is unique to generic fitness systems, each class experience is different from the last therefore you will never get bored doing the same fitness routine.  The half hour workout boosts your metabolism in a short time period utilising Aerobic and Anaerobic energy systems which is likened to the “old school” methods of training.  The caveman classes are modified "strong man" workouts which push you mentally and physically leaving you feeling empowered and strong. Classes also incorporate olympic lifting, gymnastic training, power-lifting and functional fitness for all.

We will challenge clients to use their body in explosive ways  and numerous studies show that shorter intense workouts are far more effective in achieving lean body mass and fat loss than slower paced workouts  (steady state cardio).  Our aim is to push you to your individual limits no matter what your age*, sex, size or current fitness level, we give you the opportunity to improve your fitness and burn fat in enjoyable friendly atmosphere.   Please look at our before and after photographs of current members on their fitness journey.

A few of the many benefits that taking part in Caveman Training are:
Improvement in the range of motion, overall confidence, Improves mental cognitively Increase lean muscle mass , Serious fat loss, Increase in strength and stamina .

*Participants must be over 18

Caveman Training is not just for men, it is very popular with women too, we use exactly the same training strategy for the Caveman and Cavewoman classes.  

30 minutes high intensity training that is always varied, highly addictive, highly rewarding and most importantly you will see results.

All classes are booked online, All new members need to attend a free induction class these will give you a taste of Caveman Training, its simple, setup your profile and start your transformation today:  


The Links above will take you to the class timetable for our 2 Cave facilities,
your class credits can be used at either of our 2 locations.
Please take
note of the location which is displayed when you book your classes.
We cannot guarantee your space if you have booked into the wrong location, and you may lose your class credit.


At Caveman Training
we have the only qualified Bioprint practitioners in Staffordshire. Read
more about this